Best Places to Visit Bingol

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Bingöl is located in Eastern Anatolian Region. The city has a 240.000 population. Its name comes from the Bingöl Mountain which is at the border between Erzurum and Muş. The earliest records for the city were in the 16th century. Bingöl is famous for its nature.

Here is a list of modern and natural facilities of Bingöl;

Where to see?

  • Yüzen Ada(Swimming Island): Yüzen Ada was discovered by the locals in the Hazarşah town of Solhan county. The island is 100% natural. The crater lake is covered by hills and mountains. The lake occupies an area of 300 square meters. It has more than 50 meters in depth. There are three moving islands on the lake. Independent of each other, islands start moving when someone steps on them. Numerous plants around the lake are fed by the lake.
  • Sülbüs Dağı(Mountain): The volcanic mountain Sülbüs is located in Yayladere county. The top of the mountain always has snow. Mountaineers visit the mountain every year. Also, there are hunting facilities around the mountain. Even though the top looks sharp from a distance it’s straight. There are numerous legends about the mountain.

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