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          Bitlis is located in Eastern Anatolian Region. The city has around 100.000 population. The city’s history goes back to 7000-5000 BC. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information about Bitlis’ history. It’s thought that obsidians from the Mountain Süphan and Nemrut are used for early settlements. Bitlis is famous for its castles and Islamic artworks.

Here is a list of modern and historical facilities of Bitlis;

Where to see?

  • Bitlis Castle: It’s located in the city center. The castle was built by one of the commanders of Alexander the Great in 312 B.C. The commander’s name was Badlis and his name was given to the city. The castle has 56 meters in height and 7 meters in width. There is a palace, 300 houses, an inn, a mosque, and walls found in the castle. The castle was built for defending and it’s really hard to reach the castle over the sharp rocks.
  • Emir Bayındır Camii(Mosque): The mosque is located in Ahlat county.The cylinder mosque is built in 1477 by Bayındır İbni Rüstem. The mosque has an unsophisticated architect.
  • İskender Paşa Camii(Mosque): It’s located in Ahlat county. According to its epitaph, it’s built by Mimar Sinan in 1584 by the order of İskender Pasha. The mosque has the typical Ottoman style.
  • Kadı Mahmut Camii(Mosque): It’s located in Ahlat county across the İskender Paşa Camii. It’s built by Kadı Mahmut in 1584. The mosque has the typical Ottoman style.
  • Ahlat Sahil Kalesi(Castle): The castle is located in Ahlat county. It was built by Mimar Sinan by the order of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman. He ordered to build a castle during the return from the Iran campaign. The castle has 13 towers. It’s made of wide and strong walls. There are 350 houses, a mosque, a hammam, an inn, and shops inside the castle. Today, there is only the castle and the remnants of the buildings are found in the area.

The other important castles of the Bingöl are; Adilcevaz and Tatvan Castles.

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