What Is The Most Visited Places In Isparta?

DWQA QuestionsWhat Is The Most Visited Places In Isparta?
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Turkey İsparta

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          Isparta is located in Mediterranean Region. The city has a 260.000 population. The city’s history goes back to the Paleolithic age. Isparta was an important city in Pisidia Region. Isparta hosted numerous civilizations; Luvis, Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Macedonians, Seleucids, Pergamon Kingdom, Romans, Seljuks, and Ottomans. The first name of the city was Is-Barid. It changed to Sparta/Isparta in time. Isparta is famous for its history and natural sources.
Here is a list of modern and historical destinations of Isparta.
Where to see?

  • Kovada Gölü Milli Park(Lake and National Park): The shallow lake is located 29 km south of Eğirdir county. Alongside its flora and wildlife, it has facilities to have rest and entertainment. You can attend the activities around the lake such as Nature research, camping, walking, climbing, bird watching. Also, the park has a bicycle route and a walking route.
  • Adada Ancient City: The ancient city is located in Sütçüler county. The foundation date of the city is unknown but we see the name of the city on an agreement from 2nd century BC. The typical Roman ancient city has numerous temples of emperors and gods. The theatre has a capacity for a thousand.
  • Eğirdir Gölü(Lake): The lake is located in Eğirdir county. It’s famous for changing color at different times in a day. The fourth natural wonder lake of Turkey has 12 meters of average depth.
  • Pisidia Antiocheia Ancient City: The ancient city is located in Yalvaç county. The city’s main entrance is on the west. On the north, aqueducts, Nymphaeum, Baths(Hamam), and Palestra buildings are located. In the center, theatre, the Tiberius area, Propylon, and Augustus Temple are located. Also, there is a Byzantian Church near the Tiberius area.
  • Zindan Mağarası(Cave): The cave is located in Aksu county. The 765 meters long cave is located at 1300 meters elevation. It’s very easy to move in the cave and it’s fully brightened. The cave has formations of Stalactites and other types of cave stones.
  • Eğirdir Castle: The castle is located on a peninsula over Eğirdir Lake. The built date of the castle is unknown. The remnants are from the Byzantine era. Castle was damaged by Timurlenk and repaired during the Ottoman era.

Mimar Sinan Camii(Mosque) and Pınargözü Mağarası(Cave) are the other improtant destinations of Isparta.

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