What Is The Most Visited Places In Istanbul?

DWQA QuestionsWhat Is The Most Visited Places In Istanbul?
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          İstanbul is located in Marmara Region. The most crowded city of Turkey has a 16.000.000 population. Intercontinental city’s half of the lands are in Europe and the other half is in Asia. According to the findings, the city’s history goes back to 400.000 BC. İstanbul was an important and strategic location during history. The city hosted Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Latin Empire, and Ottoman Empire. İstanbul is famous for its history, location, and numerous facilities.
Here is a list of historical and modern destinations of İstanbul;
Where to see?

  • Süleymaniye Camii(Mosque): The mosque was built by Mimar Sinan by command of Kanunu Sultan Süleyman between 1551-1558. Süleymaniye is one of the most important examples of Ottoman architectural style. The mosque has 4 minarets and 53 meters high dome. There are madrasas around the garden of the mosque. It was not only a mosque but also a social complex. Visitors definitely get impressed during their visit.
  • Kız Kulesi(Leander’s Tower): One of the perfect views of the Bosphorus is built on a small island. There are numerous legends about the tower. The most popular one is the story of Leandros and Hero. The story of the lovers ends tragically.
  • Hagia Sophia: One of the best examples of world architecture history is still standing. That was the biggest church made by Eastern Roman Empire. It had to be rebuilt 3 times. The final building was built by Anthemius and Isodoros by command of Justinian’s. It took 5 years and 10 days to build the church. After the conquest of the Ottomans, the church was changed as a mosque with some Islamic additions. Hagia Sophia was a center for Christians. Ottomans used it as a mosque and a social complex. The mosaics and reliefs are important examples of the era.
  • Yerebatan Sarnıcı(Basilica Cistern): The cistern was built in 532 by the command of Justinian’s. It was located under the basilica, so it’s also known as Basilica Cistern. There are 336 columns each 9 meters. The columns immediately impress the visitors at the entrance. It has a capacity of 100.000 tons. After the conquest of Ottomans, the cistern hasn’t gotten used anymore.
  • Sultan Ahmet Camisi(Blue Mosque): The mosque was built by Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa under the command of Sultan Ahmet I. in the 17th century. It’s also known as the Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles on the walls. There are 21.043 tiles on the walls. It was not only used as a mosque but also as a social complex. Also, the tomb of Sultan Ahmet I. is located in the mosque.
  • Topkapı Palace: Topkapı Palace was the center of statecraft, house of sultans, and education center. It was built by the command of Fatih Sultan Mehmed between 1460-1478. Sultans used the palace until the 19th century. It was changed to a museum in 1924 by the command of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The Topkapı Museum is also pretty famous.
  • Çinili Köşk: The two-floored pavilion is the first building set by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. It was built in 1472. The pavilion has Seljuk and Early Ottoman architectural styles. There are around 2.000 Ottoman and Seljuk works exhibited in the museum.

Dolmabahçe Sarayı(Palace), Kariye Camii(Chora Monastery), Galata Kulesi(Tower), Kapalı Çarşı(Grand Bazaar), Hagia Eirene Church, Aya Yorgi Rum Manastırı(Monastery) and Miniatürk are other important destinations of İstanbul.

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