What Is The Most Visited Places In İzmir?

DWQA QuestionsWhat Is The Most Visited Places In İzmir?
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İzmir Turkey

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          İzmir is located in the Aegean Region. The 3rd most crowded city of Turkey has a 4.400.000 population. The first settlements start between 6500-1050 BC. Izmir was known as Smyrna in the ancient world. The city hosted in orderly, Ions, Helens,  Macedonians, Romans, and Ottomans. İzmir is famous for its art and tourism facilities.
Here is a list of historical and modern destinations of İzmir;
Where to see?

  • Efes(Ephesus): Ephesus is located in Selçuk. One of the cultural centers of the ancient world’s history starts from the prehistoric age. The port city was used for trade in the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantian, and Ottoman eras for 9000 years. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world is also famous for early Christianity examples. Ephesus hosted an ecumenic council where Mary was accepted as the Mother of Jesus. Also, the House of the Mother Mary is located very near Ephesus.
  • Ephesus Museum: The museum is located in Selçuk. It’s one of the most important museums of Turkey with its capacity and findings from the Mycenaean, Archaic, Classic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantian, Seljuk, and Ottoman eras. There are around 64.000 findings in the museum.
  • İzmir Saat Kulesi(Clock tower): The tower is located in Konak county. The symbol of İzmir was built by the command of Sultan Abdulhamit II. in 1901. It has 25 meters in height, 4 floors, and an octagon planned. The style of the tower evokes North African style. The clock of the tower was gifted by the German Emperor Wilhelm II.
  • Şirince: Şirince is a town of Selçuk county. The touristic town is famous for its viniculture and legends. Some of the historical buildings of the town are used for accommodation today.
  • Gölcük Gölü(Lake): Gölcük lake is located in Ödemiş. The lake is covered by pines. It’s famous for the fresh air and beautiful view. The tectonic lake has 5 meters of average depth.
  • Kadifekale (Castle): Kadifekale is located in the city center. The castle was built by the commander Lysimachos by command of the Great Alexander in the 3rd century BC. Nowadays, only the northern and eastern walls and five towers of the castle are standing. Towers have 20-35 meters in height.
  • House of the Mother Mary: The house of the Mother Mary is located on the outskirts of Bülbül Dağı(Mountain), 9km far from Selçuk city center. This place is known as where St. John took Mary after the death of Jesus. The location of the house was found after a dream of a Lazarist German Nun A. Katherina Emerich in 1891. The households a religious ceremony on 15th August every year.

Alsancak Kordonboyu, İzmir Archeology Museum, Yedi Uyuyanlar Mağarası(Cave) and Natural Parks are other important destinations of İzmir.

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