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Kastamonu Turkey

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          Kastamonu is located in Blacksea Region. The city has around 150.000 population. One of the oldest cities of Anatolia is also known as the city of Saints. The city’s name comes from the word “Kastama” which was used to name the area in the Hittite era. According to the findings, the city’s history starts from the Mid-Paleolithic age. Kastamonu hosted numerous civilizations in orderly Kaskians, Hittites, Phaplagonians, Romans, Byzantines, Several Principalities, and Ottomans. Kastamonu is famous for its natural formations and history.
Here is a list of historical and modern destinations of Kastamonu;
Where to see?

  • Ilgaz Dağı Milli Parkı(Mountain and National Park): Ilgaz Mountain is occurred by serpentines, schists, and volcanic rocks. There are numerous types of valleys, shoulders, and peaks. It has a wealthy flora with Black Pines, Pinus Brutias, and Firs. Also, the park is hosting numerous animals in wildlife. There is a ski resort founded in the national park.
  • Ilıca Şelalesi(Waterfall): It’s located 12 km far from the Pınarbaşı county. It falls from 15 meters in height. The waterfall has an exotic view with its natural pool and various flora.
  • Valla Canyon: Valla Canyon is located in Muratbaşı town, 26km far from the Pınarbaşı county. There are 800-1200 meters high palisades in the canyon. These rocks host raptorial birds such as Eagles, Hawks, and Vultures.
  • Kastamonu Saat Kulesi(Clock Tower): One of the symbols of the city is located in the city center. It was built by Governor Abdurrahman Pasha in 1885. You can watch the perfect view of Kastamonu while you drink your tea in the clock tower.
  • Kastamonu Kalesi(Castle): One of the main symbols Kastamonu, the castle is located at the highest point of the city. It was built by the Komnenos Dynasty in the 12th century AD. Nowadays only the inner castle is standing. There are numerous Turkish additions to the Middle-Age Byzantian building. The castle is the best point to watch the city view of Kastamonu.
  • Pompeiopolis Ancient City: The ancient city is located in Taşköprü county. It was built by Romans in 64 BC. as the center of Paphlagonia. The findings of the city are exhibited in both the Taşköprü county and Kastamonu Archeology Museum.
  • Çatak Canyon: One of the most valuable tourism destinations of Kastamonu is located in Azdavay county, 7km far from the city center(6km by car and 1km by walking). It’s possible to see the canyon from the watchpoint.

Horma Kanyonu(Canyon), Ilgarini Mağarası(Cave), Archeology Museum, Evkaya Mezarları(Rock Tombs) and Taşköprü Kent Müzesi(Museum) are the other important destinations of Kastamonu.

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