What Is The Most Visited Places In Kırsehir?

DWQA QuestionsWhat Is The Most Visited Places In Kırsehir?
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Turkey Kirsehir

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          Kırşehir is located in the Central Anatolian Region. The city has around 160.000 population. In the ancient world, Kırşehir was the center of the Cappadocia Region. Early on, the city was named Macissus. In the Justinian era(527-568) the city was rebuilt and named Justinianopolis. Kırşehir is famous for its natural sources and historical buildings.
Here is a list of modern and historical destinations of Kırşehir;
Where to see?

  • Cacabey Medresesi(Madrasah): The madrasa is located in Kırşehir city center. The building is the only example with three different brickworks in Anatolia. It was built in 1272-73 by Cacaoğlu Nureddin Cebrail. Nowadays, the building is used as a mosque.
  • Üçayak Kilisesi(Church): Byzantian church is located near the city center. It’s dated to the 10th-11th centuries. It’s thought to be built as a religious offering place by Emperors. The building consists of two buildings. Church’s dome was standing until the earthquake in 1938.
  • Kesikköprü(Bridge): The Seljukian bridge is located in the city center. It was built in 1248. It’s located on the Silk Route. One of the important works of Turkish architects has 400 meters in length, 6 meters in width, and 13 pointed arches.
  • Dulkadirli Yeraltı Şehri(Underground City): The underground city was used as a shelter and praying place by the Christians in the 3th-4th centuries. It’s 50 km far from the city center. The entrance is by a 22 meters long tunnel. The yard which has a 20 meters height can be reached at the end of the tunnel.
  • Melikgazi Kümbeti(Cupola): The cupola was built by the wife of Melik Muzafferüddin Behramşah between 1240-1250. The mixture of the Turkish architect and Middle-Asian tent culture has a different style. It’s located in Kırşehir city center.
  • Kepez Yeraltı Şehri(Underground City): The underground city is located 14 km from Mucur county. It was opened to visitors in 2002. It has several rooms and galleries inside.

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